Love has NO Gender

The first time you discover that hands are made to feel and be felt is the first time you

fall in love. When your whole existence gets disturbed by a touch, when your whole body

shivers when meeting that particular touch , when all your future memories are built on

a particular hand meeting yours , you know that that is Love . Regardless of skin color,

regardless of music taste and all the jam we have on mind about the person we might

get along with, and regardless of the gender, the spoken regards and looks reveals it

all . As a girl , I first met this feeling when touching another girl’s hands , when smelling

her hair and perfume , when her imperfect details looked like perfection to me . And

at that moment all I could think about is that all of this felt normal and comfortable, as

comfortable and happy as any lovers could seem, as serene as a summer breeze. Feeling

this natural with a girl made me believe that , after all , Love has no gender . I’ve never

thought it would happen until it happened , and when it happened it rose in me a sense

of responsibility and awareness that human beings should never be condemned to

feel whatever feeling they get to experience as long as it is embellished with a sense of

freedom , responsibility and honesty . Therefore, you never get to feel ashamed when

experiencing a different relation or kind of love different from the common. And once

you get to feel it , you cannot pretend not having felt it and start to defend yourself and

your right for more freedom . Love has always been linked to freedom, and freedom is a

responsible fight for rights . But how do we fight for our rights ?

Writing about it , Dancing it , Filming it , Singing it , Negotiating it , Meeting , Exchanging

information , Demonstrating , Voicing it in a conformist milieu , Informing and Letting

people know who you really are , are all different kinds or resistance against patriarchy ,

against misogyny , against censorship and different kinds of religious oppression and

governmental and social hegemony.

Thus, Love is a natural link that needs to be defended for its almightiness and glory , for it

is true and genuine , for it is the supreme feeling that could link two humans regardless of

their gender . Love , therefore , has no gender .

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